Model Number:787

0787, 1/16 Hp, 0-13V, WPM-2137C, Filtered PWM DC Motor Speed Control, Chassis, Basic Speed Control

0787, 1/16 Hp, 0-12V, WPM-2137C, Filtered PWM DC Motor Speed Control, Chassis, Basic Speed Control


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HP Rating: 1/16
Input Voltage (VAC 50/60 Hz): 12-14
Output Voltage (VDC): 0-12
Continuous Output Current (Amps): 15
Peak Output Current (Amps): 35
Form Factor: 1.0
Product Type: WPM-2137C
HPDecimal: 0.1667
Weight: 1
1/4-inch QC Tab Connection: YES
Terminal Block Connection: NO
  • Models 0786 & 0788 feature quick connect tabs, models 0787 & 0789 are supplied with plug-in terminal block
  • Input Voltage Range: 12-14 VDC or 24-35 VDC (dependent on model).
  • Back EMF feedback maintains 1% speed regulation with most DC motors.
  • DIP switches to easily calibrate control for different gearmotor/motor sizes.
  • Two diagnostic LEDs indicate when power is on and when current output is at limit set by TORQ pot.
  • Five on-board user-adjustable pots for torque limit, min/max speed limit, acceleration time, and speed regulation.
  • Speed can be adjusted manually using a 10k-Ohm speed pot (included with control) or via 0-5 VDC remote analog signal.
  • Connections for optional user-supplied inhibit switch.

Application Information

  • Extended 2-year system warranty when a Bodine gearmotor/motor and control are purchased together.
  • Models 0788 and 0789 drive Bodine 24V PMDC motors and gearmotors up to 1/3 HP.
  • Models 0786 and 0787 drive custom 12V PMDC motors and gearmotors. Call for details.
  • To be mounted in separate enclosure supplied by user.
  • Output voltage is up to 95% of input voltage.
  • Rated for +50° C ambient (max).
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