DC Parallel Shaft Gearmotors

Bodine parallel shaft PMDC gearmotors, also called “inline gear motors,” feature permanent magnet DC motors. PMDC motors are compact, easy to set up, produce high starting torque, and quick deceleration. Bodine offers three PMDC parallel shaft motor frames, type 24A, 33A, and 42A. Low-voltage (12/24V),”SCR rated” (90V or 180VDC) and standard (130V) windings are available. Bodine offers seven inline or parallel shaft gearheads: type 60P, D, Z, WX, FX, HG, CG. All Bodine gearhead-motor combinations are designed to work together as one integral unit, eliminating the chance for leakage or bearing misalignment. These geared motors step down the motor speed (depending on the motor type), typically 1750 or 2500 rpm, to as low as 2.9 rpm, and as high as 648 rpm. They also multiply the output torque provided by the motor, with a variety of gear ratios available. The Bodine family of DC parallel shaft gearmotors deliver torque from 3.3 to 660 lb-in. In general, parallel shaft gearmotors have a higher output torque, efficiency, and lower backlash than right-angle worm gearmotors. 

To provide greater flexibility and compatibility with unfiltered SCR controls, Bodine offers type 24A-Z, 33A-Z, 33A-WX and 42A-FX gearmotors with 90V and 180VDC windings at a maximum rated armature speed of 2500 rpm. These SCR rated stock models can replace 90V or 180VDC gearmotors sold by Baldor, Bison Gear, Leeson, or Grainger.

Typical applications include medical and laboratory equipment, labeling and packaging machines, conveyors and a wide range of factory automation solutions.

  • Predictable performance
  • High starting torque
  • Higher output torque and efficiency than right-angle worm gearmotors
  • Simple speed regulation
  • Accessory (high-speed) shaft options for encoders and brakes