Model Number:3256

3256, 34R4BFPP-FX3, 1/6 HP, 28 RPM, 287 Lb-in, 60:1, 230/460 VAC, Parallel Shaft AC 3-Phase Inverter Duty PSC Gearmotor

3256, 34R4BFPP-FX3, 1/6 HP, 28 RPM, 287 Lb-in, 60:1, 230 VDC, Parallel Shaft AC 3-Phase Inverter Duty PSC Gearmotor


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Speed (rpm): 28
Fixed Speed Torque (lb-in): 321
Motor Output Power (hp): 1/6
Voltage (AC): 230/460
Current (Amps): 1.0/0.53
Rated Frequency (Hz): 10-90
Gear Ratio: 60
Variable Speed (rpm): 2.0-36
Frequency Range (Hz): 10-90
SOA Torque At 10Hz: 257
SOA Torque At 60Hz: 350
SOA Torque At Max Hz: 350
Radial Load: 287
Length XH (inches): 8.112
Connection Diagram: 07410952.A
Motor Type: 34R4BFPP-FX3
Weight (lbs): 14
HP Decimal: 0.1667
Relates Products: 2982;2983;2984;2998;2999
  • NEC Class I/Division 2 (Groups A, B, C, and D, Temp Code T3C) rated gearmotors are suitable for environments where flammable gases or vapors may accidentally be spilled or leak into the operating area. UL Listed for US and Canada
  • Large terminal box with terminal block, factory-installed
  • Rated for up to +40°C ambient. Environmental Protection IP-44. TEFC
  • For variable speed operation, an AC speed control (Inverter / VFD) is required
  • Maintenance-free dual voltage 230/460VAC, inverter-duty 3-phase, 60Hz AC motor
  • Face mounting is standard
  • Gearing meets or exceeds AGMA 9 standards for quiet operation 
  • Synthetic lubricant allows gearmotors to operate over a wide temperature range 
  • Unvented gearhousing for universal horizontal mounting. Lubricated for life.
  • Industrial lip type seals on motor and output shafts.
  • Needle bearings throughout for increased radial load capacity and long life.
  • Selectively hardened all steel helical gearing for quietness and high output to size ratio.
  • Contact an Authorized Bodine Distributor for 460VAC speed controls (VFDs).
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